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Let us help you explore Montenegro like no one else!

If you are keen on private tailored tours with experienced and knowledgeable local guides – we will make your visit an unforgettable one. We offer a unique experience of meeting local families and lifestyle, trying local products and having a distinctive opportunity of experiencing what Montenegro is all about. Whether we are exploring the magical Boka bay, visiting the countryside or enjoying national parks – we will make sure that you take in all the beauty of this stunning little country. Please note that all our tours are private!

Montenegro is a cradle of diversity one cannot imagine exists in such a small territory. Mixture of nationalities and religion, high mountains and fertile valleys, rocky coast and sandy beaches, deep canyons and glacier lakes – Montenegro has it all! Rich history, abundant culture and exceptional beauty are what make Montenegro the hidden gem of Adriatic.

About us

About us

Our tours are organized in a friendly atmosphere, very personal and informative, in order to help you understand better what Montenegro is all about. We will personalize all the tours to suit your needs and create an extraordinary experience that will make Montenegro one of your dream destinations. You will leave not just with beautiful impressions, but also with something to remember us by!

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